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Flash Tanks

White Oak Oil & Gas Processing Equipment has the tools and capacity to manufacture flash tanks meeting ASME Section VIII Div 1 standards. The design of flash tanks allows you to manage steam and condensation. Flash tanks are designed to control when flashing can occur. Our carbon steel tanks are national board registered.
The National Board specifications are strictly enforced for each design. Material options are available after meeting code requirements. Some designs may vary per customer.

In addition, we can provide services such as sandblasting, painting, internal and external coatings, insulation assembly, documentation and shipping, export packaging.

White Oak Oil & Gas Processing Equipment, we belive that the best way to excel is by competing with ourselves and setting new limits for our limits to deliver the best product to our customers. We provide quality service & ingenuity with your success in mind. Please feel free to contact us for all your service needs.

Business Attributes

ASME Code “U” & “R”

Authorized Inspector

Certified CWI Inspector

Certified Code Welder

Certified Dye Penetrant Testing

Certified Hardness Testing

Certified Mil Gage Testing

Compress Codeware

Hydro-static testing

National Board Registry

Mechanical Engineer


American Welding Society Member
National Board Certified
ASME (1)