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Storage Tanks

White Oak Oil & Gas Processing Equipment manufacturers storage tanks built to ASME Code Sec VIII Div 1 with the design pressure required. Our products are built to the industry standard Food, Pharmaceutical Sectors, Chemical Industries & Steel Industries, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Refineries. 

We offer various welding techniques, including SMAW, GMAW/SMAW, FCAW, GMAW/SMAW/SAWSAW, GMAW/MIG, FCAW, GTAW/TIG, and CNC plasma cutting.

 In addition, we can provide services such as sandblasting, painting, internal and external coatings, assembly, documentation and shipping, export packaging.

Business Attributes

ASME Code “U” “R”

Authorized Inspector

Certified CWI Inspector

Certified Code Welder

Certified Dye Penetrant Testing

Certified Hardness Testing

Certified Mil Gage Testing

Draft Designer

Hydro-static testing

National Board Registry

Mechanical Engineer

QC Manager

American Welding Society Member
National Board Certified
ASME (1)